QUESTIONNAIRE for case studies IDEA-NET - Stran 1


Expanding the network of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) practitioners in higher education through institutional capacity building.
Thank you for taking part in this survey. The survey is a learning tool of the ERASMUS+ project IDEA-NET ( which aims to build capacity and increase the number of practitioners  in the field of higher education access, inclusion, diversity and equity. Your responses will be used to:
- showcase your programme/office/service on a learning platform, so that similar work can be developed at higher education institutions where there are no offices or programmes of this kind yet, 
- support the development of a toolkit for enhancing inclusive higher education and 
- advance academic research in this area. 
By completing the questionnaire you are increasing the visibility of your own institution’s practice when it comes to supporting equity groups, as well as giving a valuable contribution to an international, collaborative effort to strengthen support for equity groups across higher education institutions. Once you complete the survey you will be asked to fill in the consent form that will allow us to use data for further project purposes.
The questionnaire refers to services designed to support wider access, inclusion, and diversity of students and staff in higher education. These services may be organized as a programme, as a specific office or as a function of a more general office (e.g. for the teaching process, career guidance, etc.). Please keep in focus equal access, inclusion and diversity when answering these questions.
We would appreciate if you could answer ALL the questions in the survey. If you have further questions about this survey, please contact: