Help Desk Service Support Survey - Stran 1


User Type:

Select the cluster that you are using the most:

Was your problem resolved to your satisfaction?

Was your problem resolved within an adequate timescale?

Please express your level of satisfaction with the following:

Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied
Overall quality of support
Knowledge and professionalism of the remote support staff
Communication and follow-up on problem resolution
The user documentation: Did you find a proper explanation within the user documentation?
The ability of help desk to diagnose your problem
The ability of the help desk to solve your problem
Time require resolving your problem
Overall quality of the solution

How would you rate the communication skills of the help desk staff?

What technical issues do you encounter most frequently?

How did the support staff resolve your problem?

Is there anything you’d like to suggest? We love feedback.

How would you rate overall experience with SLING HPC support service?

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